Rend your heart and not your garments

and turn to the lord your god

for he is gracious and merciful

Joshua Maria Garcia



Stained Glass Hand

Joshua teaches Bible Study and Biblical Hebrew throughout the year. Some classes are free, while others are reasonably and flexibly priced. Please scroll down to see current learning opportunities.

spiritual counseling

& direction


and other media

Stained Glass Art of Holy Spirit Dove
A Roman Church Panel

Joshua’s spiritual counseling practice is ideal for clients who are finding their place in the Church, navigating the complexities of sexual/gender identity and faith, or discerning a vocation. A typical session opens with prayer, followed by deep listening to the client’s experiences and concerns. Drawing from a wide variety of contemplative practices, Joshua assists clients with charting a path forward on their spiritual journeys.

Joshua writes devotional guides and poetry, available on Etsy. Click here to learn more. Check out Joshua’s comments on the Lectionary and current events here.

Biblical Studies

Hebrew reading and grammar

Joshua is considering a spring-summer Hebrew series in 2024. Please stay tuned for updates.

Stained Glass in Close-Up Photography
stained glass detail
Stained Glass in Close-Up Photography

Online Community for the Twenty First Century

pear society

The Pear Society, a Christian devotional society, gathers on Stella Maris and is organized around three aims: providing a space for discernment in a private and loving group setting, accountability in spiritual practice, and promoting participation in the sacraments, Marian devotion, and intercessory prayer. The Pear Society is accepting applications for new members and you can learn more by clicking below or attending an open meeting. Joshua is a founding member of the Pear Society and current Secretary.

stella maris

Stella Maris is an online, ecumenical Christian community (on Discord) where folks from around the world gather for prayer and conversation. Joshua founded Stella Maris in 2022 to serve as a gathering place for spiritual seekers in need of fellowship.

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tiktok live

Joshua regularly hosts the Episcopal Daily Office and other devotions on TikTok Live. The broadcasting schedule is available on Stella Maris and generally includes 10AM Morning Prayer on Mondays, with Evening Prayer on feasts or eves of feast on the Western Christian Calendar. Follow Joshua on TikTok to get notifications when they go live!

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